Saturday, March 14, 2009

So What Has Been Going On?

Actually, a lot. I cannot tell you all about everything but here are a few things.

1. My Grandmother Klaver recently passed away. I miss her greatly (and my family, even though they do not hear much from me). Thankfully she trusted in the Lord Jesus so her death was only a passage way to be with Him.

2. After two years of holding monthly "Puritan Bible studies" in George Town, we held our last study earlier this month. We had a chance to cover many Bible passages and doctrines as the Purtians understood them. The folk were often curious, eager, challanged, and occasionally enthusiastic, about the way the Puritans understood the Scripture and its teaching. As the study has come to an end we hope and pray the folk who attended the study who said they were interested in a local Reformed ministry in George Town will come to the worship services we have begun holding there (the 1st and 3rd Sabbaths of every month at 6:30pm).

Here are the topics we covered in the Puritan Bible study:

1) Introduction to the Puritans
2) Scripture
3) God
4) Christ: The Mystery Revealed
5) The Person of Christ
6) The Work of Christ as Prophet
7) The Work of Christ as Priest
8) The Work of Christ as King
9) Introduction to the Church
10) Recognition of the Church
11) Structure of the Church
12) Worshiup of the Church
13) Covenant Part 1: The Soverign Comfort of the Covenant
14) Covenant Part 2: Dispensationalism
15) Covenant Part 3: Covenant & Biblical Structure
16) Covenant Part 4: Covenant & Salvation (Conclusion)

3. The George Town services continue twice a month. A few folk come but we often have a blessed time and good fellowship afterwards. Please keep George Town in your prayers.

4. We held our Southern Presbyterian Church camp last Sabbath. Thye theme of the camp was "Creating a Godly Home" and Pastor Smith from Hobart had an introductory topic and a topic on raising children. I gave topics on finding the right partner and family worship. There was also a Middle Ages theme to the camp games with many of the folk providing costumes. We had a good time together. The Lord was amongst us and we hope and pray all our folk we strengthened and further equipped to create Godly homes. We may hope to have a seperate post about the camp forth coming.

5. Martha had her Birthday this past Monday. Thank you to all our friends and family who sent e-mails, cards, presents, and calls. Martha and I took some time to go out to dinner together and we had a nice time. Making time to spend together is a challnge, even though I work from home.

6. A friend gave Martha (and I) an amazing Birthday present: a two night stay on Tassie's Bruny Island. Lord willing, we hope to go away for a couple night this coming week. We will try and get some pics to share with you all (but it will be in line behind a few other posts yet in the works).

Sorry to only give you part of the news but this will have to do for now.

The Lord Jesus be with you all,