Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old Pictures! At least old compared to 6 months ago!

Julia and her beloved Peanut Butter!

Our friends the Serrafinis gave us a very nice Brazilian hammock as a wedding gift and we have finally got a hammock stand for it. It is very comfortable and we enjoy it regularly. Julia even took her nap in the hammock this afternoon.

A few cute pictures of the kids follow.

We visited a place called "Tazmazia." Tazmazia is a maze, cafe, and a little village called, "The Village of Lower Crackpot."

Lower Crackpot even has a jail ("gaol" as they spell it here).

A few pics of some of the buildings in Lower Crackpot.

In the middle of the maze is "The Three Bears Cottage"

The cottage was completely furnished and even had Goldilocks and the three bears. You can look through the windows and go in the cottage (though it is walled off with glass).

Julia had to build up some courage but she did go in the cottage.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Visit From Julia Short & A Get Together a the Stedman's

The first part of this post are a few pics of a visit from our friend Julia Short. She is from Melbourne and she kindly came down to Tassie for a visit before she headed out to Britain for a while.

Daddy and Job outside Anvers Chocolate factory

The following pictures were taken in the lawn/garden at Anvers

Mommy & Aunty Julia

Julia & Julia

Julia, Julia, Job, and John Patrick at the home of the Patricks

The cute Evelyn Patrick

A bit later, after Julia had returned to Melbourne to prepare for her big tip, some of the church folk got together at the home of Richard and Robin Stedman.

Deborah Dinsmore with Mt. Roland in the background

Nathan and Jaslyn Patrick having a discussion

They always come to a happy conclusion

Robin & Richard Stedman

Mavis Connor's and the cake she made for Robin Stedman's birthday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

At the Beach

Part of life in Tasmania, especially in summer, is going to the Ocean- especially the beach.

The pictures on this post were taken as we met different people from church at the beach and a not so beach related trip to Hobart.

Nathan Patrick and I catching up while we keep an eye on the kids.

Life guard on duty!

Having a walking talk with Ruth Taylor as Job takes a nap in dad's arms.

Still sleeping

The Amazing Ruth Taylor !

I filled in one Sabbath for Iain Smith while he was away to Scotland. We went down to Hobart a couple of days early to see a bit more of the city and visit some folk from our Hobart congregation.

Above, Job relaxing at the Smith's home

Julia ad Job hanging out on the floor

Father and son

The youngest Klaver (Job) and the youngest Bosveld (Cameron)

Cameron and his mom, Ruth Bosveld

Relaxing with Julia in the Smith's backyard

We had a church beach day too. Not a lot of the church folk could come but those who did seemed to have a good time.

Above is Steve Kingston, one of our Deacons, and his daughter Emma.

Alister Coles catching up on local news.

Linda Coles, Alister's older sister, was ready for any beach activity.

Sand tasting! Job could not convince anyone else to try it.

The mighty Bradley Coles, Linda and Alister's cousin, emerges from the sea!

Josiah Taylor, Ruth Taylor's older brother, ready to go under!

Deborah Dinsmore and Jaslyn Patrick: Moms chill'n at the beach

The great minds of Nathan Patrick and Steve Kingston working on great challenges.

Kalua Taylor, the mother of Ruth and Josiah

Thomas Coles, Bradley's brother, is a true man of action.

Hang'n wd da guys

Linda with Jasmine Coles (her baby cousin)

Discussing Biblical Theology with Alan Dinsmore

Chenai and her daughter Blessing with John Patrick

Tendai just before he hit the waves

Jaslyn Patrick with Emma and Julie Kingston

Nathan and Job

Steven and Kalua Taylor

Julia at home with a play-dough lollipop

Job likes stories too!