Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Pictures of Ezra and Some of the Family 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So What's Up With Us?

The answer seems to be a lot but not a lot at the same time.  

The "a lot" part has to do with what is going on at our home: new baby and sickness.  Ezra is doing very well.  Martha can get about 7.5 hours sleep a day (combining the sleep she gets at night with a nap or two during the day) assuming she makes getting rest the right priority.  I am chief cook and bottle washer.  Making the meals and cleaning up takes a lot of time but after growing up in a single parent home, living independently, and working in food service, the position is not unfamiliar to me.  Plus people have also generously providing meals which is a bit of a help.  

Not long after Ezra was born I got something going around that knocked me out for a good two to three days.  The first day I did not even get out of bed.  The kids had a few days before I did and had similar responses.  Thankfully Martha and Ezra did not get it.  However recently we seem to have picked up a bit of a chesty-sinusy-thingy.  I am not sure if it some kind of built in boomerang effect from the previous cold or if it something different.  Most of the folk at our churn have gotten both these types of things and it seemed to follow the same pattern: first the lions and then the jackals.  

Things at church have slowed down a bit.  We have not had our Tuesday night Bible Study in a while due to the coming of Ezra and the cold that is making the rounds through the church.  Lord willing, we will return to the Bible Study this Tuesday.  

Despite the birth and illnesses I have been able to preach and continue the outreach in George Town.  

That reminds me, I need to bring you all up to speed on something: we have changed things up in how we handle the George Town services.  Several months ago we decided to have one service a month in George Town (we used to have two) and one service a month in Mt. Direction.  What is Mt. Direction?  It is a "mountain" but it is also a rural area between Launceston and George Town.  Why the change?  

The main reasons:
1.  Most of the consistent visitors to the George Town service have been from Mt. Direction.  
2.  The folk who regularly attend the George Town service come from Mt. Direction and they asked us to start holding services there because they felt other folk in Mt. Direction would be interested in coming to a worship service in their own area.  
3.  None of the folk who live in George Town and constantly come to the worship service mind coming to Mt. Direction once a month.  

In light of the above reasoning the Session thought, "Why not?"  

I have done a bit of door knocking and handing out leaflets in the Mt. Direction area but I need to do more.  

There is more going on but that is the just of it for now.  I need to get Julia out from behind the other computer and start working on dinner.  

The Lord be with you all and please continue to keep us in your prayers.  


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here are a Few More (update soonish)