Friday, October 20, 2006

Dear friends and family,

Greetings from New Jersey!

The Lord continues to do marvelously. The Heritage Reformed Congregations (HRC) held their Classis meeting on October 13. I proposed to the Classis that I to be sent to the Southern Presbyterian Church (SPC) of Tasmania Launceston as a minister on loan for two years. I made the proposal because there were possible benefits for both denominations. However the brethren of the HRC Classis, after prayer, thought, and discussion, decided not to approve my proposal, thus allowing me to serve the SPC directly as a member of the church and Presbytery. Now, the Lord willing, I will be ordained in Tasmania once the immigration clears.

After the HRC Classis, which met in Burgessville, Ontario, Canada, I rode back to New Jersey with the delegates from the New Jersey church. The ride back was a time filled with discussion, fellowship, and just fun. Since arriving in New Jersey I have been spending as much time as possible with Martha, attending a Pastor's Conference at Trinity Baptist Church with my future father-in-law, spending extra time in thought and prayer considering the Lord's merciful dealings with me, and processing some of the insights from the Pastor's conference. If all is well, I will be leaving to return to Grand Rapids October 23. I greatly miss my Martha even now, and I have not even left yet.

We have heard no news yet on Martha's immigration papers, but if all continues according to schedule, they will arrive in a month or two.

Terry & Martha

Friday, October 06, 2006

Welcome, friends and acquaintances all. This is the budding blog of Mr. Terreth Klaver and Miss Martha Lipsy, soon to be Rev. & Mrs. Klaver. Following our marriage in New Jersey on July 21, 2007, we look forward to moving to our new home on Montifiore Street in Norwood, Tasmania. (No, not Tanzania - Tasmania is an island of Australia.) Please begin saving your air miles to visit us!

The Lord has called Terry to be the minister of the Southern Presbyterian Church of Launceston, Tasmania. Right now, he is still in Michigan while immigration papers are in process for his fiancée. It looks like early December will be when he moves out. We covet your prayers for the speeding of his immigration and the care and comfort of the people he is called to pastor in Tasmania while he is still absent.

Meanwhile, Martha is in New Jersey finishing her college education in Literature and Spanish as well as teacher certification. The projected graduation date is May 11, 2007. Plenty of papers and paperwork ahead for her too, along with packing and preparing for the transitions ahead. Not to mention the wedding planning...

We hope this will be a place to let you know what's happening once we're on the other side of the world, and a place for you to keep in touch with us as well. We shan't forget to post pictures either. So add a new bookmark to your browsers; the Klaver establishment online has begun!