Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Photos From a Trip to Greens Beach
(last year)

A Couple of Local Visits

Carleen (pronounced "Kaah-leen" here in Tas) Coles came over for a visit with some family when they were in Launceston a while ago. Carleen is on the left holding her most recent child, Dustin. Carleen is married to Stewart and they have four boys: Bradley, Thomas, Rohan, and Dustin. They are part of the Launceston SPC congregation, but they live about an hour and half or so North and West of Launceston. The young lady to the right of Carleen is Linda Coles. Linda lives down in Hobart and she is Stewart's sister. There is a chance she may make the big move North and we could see her a bit more often. Hobart's loss would be our gain!

Julia always had a great time playing with Rohan (center) and Thomas (right).

Awww....! Aunty Linda and her nephew Dustin.
What cuties!

This is Many Kerridge and her son William. Mandy is married tio David, who is pulpit supply for the congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia (PCEA) in Ulverstone. Martha and I feel blessed ot have David and Mandy in Ulverstone as they are in pretty much the same stage in life as we are and we have a lot in common. The PCEA and the SPC have a lot in common and the PCEA congregation in Ulverstone has several people who are friends with folk from the SPC and the Lord lead them out of Baptistic Arminianism together.

By the grace of the Lord we are still a very happy couple!!