Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quite A Week

We have been having quite a week here at the manse. Monday is always a tough day, especially after a 3 service Sabbath. The Lord, faithful as He ever is, brought us through the Sabbath and the beginning of Monday. The grace of the Lord continued of course but we had a surprise Monday afternoon.

Job had been a little grisly Monday morning. We thought he was very tired from the busyness and stress of the Sabbath but some things did seem strange. He had not done a pooh since 4:30pm Sabbath evening and he threw up his whole 11:00am Monday feed (something very out of the ordinary for him). At 2pm in the afternoon Martha found a large bulge in his groin. She thought it might be a hernia.

I called the parent support hot line. They told me he would likely be fine for 72 hours and that I just contact our GP (General Practitioner). They then asked if I wanted to wait to speak to one of their nurses. I declined and immediately called our GP. We got an appointment in a couple hours (the wait is often much longer) and saw the GP around 4-4:30pm.

The GP took a quick look at Job and quickly called the hospital. She spoke to the head Urologist and they agreed we should go right into the hospital. The Urologist contacted the Emergency Room to expect our arrival and to send us through. Our GP gave us a note to give the receptionist. When we arrived in the Hospital we only had to wait 10-15 minutes and they sent us through to Emergency.

While waiting in Emergency the Urologist and a surgeon in training saw Job first. The the Pediatrician and one of his colleagues came to see him. Then the Urologist and his colleague returned with the Bowel specialist. The the Anesthesiologist came and saw him.

Job was in surgery/theater by 6pm. The surgery was over by about 7:30. The surgeon called me and explained all went well. We met Job in the Children's Ward around 8:30pm. A friend of ours, Linda Coles, generously stayed with Julia while Martha and I were both at the hospital. Job was a little groggy, soar, and tired, but seemed quite well over all. Once he was awake he had a feed and went down for a nap. Only one of us was supposed to spend the night at the hospital so I went home.

Julia and I went back to the hospital at 8am Tuesday morning. The surgeon came and met us and explained what had happened (he had done so to me over the phone but he explained in more depth to both of us). Job had a testicle that had not descended, which we knew and had told them about. Turns out the testicles come through a whole in the muscle. A bit of bowel had pushed its way through the opening in the muscle where they testicle was to descend. They were able to put the bowel back in place and descend the testicle. There is the possibility that the testicle maybe non-functional but we have to wait and see. The surgeon also said that we got him there in time but if things had been any later "things would not have been very good."

We came home from the hospital 9:30am Tuesday morning. First order of business was a nap for Job and Martha. While they slept Julia and I went shopping and then worked in the study and watch some Play School DVD's. Around 2pm it was Julia's and my turn for a nap.

Since Tuesday Job has been doing well. He has been a little more grumpy but that is entirely to be expected. He seems to have settled into things again fine. The rest of us have been a little sick though. Julia has not been sleeping well, has a cough, and runny nose. Martha has a soar throat and I am having a bit of bowel trouble.

Despite the challenges this week the Lord has continued to be faithful granting strength and bringing us through. Several folks are remembering us in prayer, a couple showed up at the door with meals, and many others have offered to help us with whatever we might need.

Please continue to keep us in prayer and I hope to have a few more pics up in a bit.

Love through Christ,