Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well, well, what clamor through cyberspace! I suppose we can spare a few minutes for the anxious friends who want to see and hear from the wedded couple even though we're on our honeymoon.
It's hard to put into words what all has been going on the past few weeks; everything is so novel and there has been such a whirl of experiences and emotions. One fact is abundantly clear - God has been overwhelmingly gracious to us in the details of these special days. The wedding day was perfect... and though I did put the ring on Terry's right hand, no one noticed except my sisters the bridesmaids. :D I asked him to switch during the last song before we headed out; no harm done. There were so many friends and family there to celebrate with us that we wished we could have spent more time with them all, yet at the same time we certainly missed those who because of distance or other constraints could not be with us. The reception with my brother emceeing went off wonderfully too.
And the honeymoon, what can I say so far? Being married to Terry is more wonderful than anything I could ever have imagined. God knew what He was doing in bringing us together! Our love story is another amazing testimony to the love which first found us, reconciled us to Him, transforms us into His image, and flows through us to each other and to those we strive to serve faithfully. Certainly, it's that way with all of His children's lives. But what fine attention to detail God shows in each life story! We were commenting today when we'd just been exploring some rocky shoreline how wonderful that God delights in all of the beautiful works He has made on so many levels and in so many places at once. We, on the other hand, are overwhelmed with wonder at a glimpse of one place in one time. What a God we have!
Of course, I know that the "mountaintop" experience, the "honeymoon phase," the glimpse of glory is not enduring. I know that it is but a part of the whole scope of life, of marriage, of the walk with Christ. Certainly there have been many rocky and dark moments during the stress of preparation and leave-taking, and certainly there will be many more during the adjustments and pressures to be faced ahead. But a refreshed sense of God's faithful care and a refreshed knowledge of the joy and pleasure which ultimately will await us in His presence in glory (Psalm 16:11) is a wonderful blessing of God which is now to be reveled in and given thanks for.
For the rest, let a few pictures suffice. Below are just a few of the first download we made off the camera.
We look forward to returning to our dear Tasmaniac friends and spiritual family on August 17. Until then, God's grace be with you.

our table set for tea on the lan'ai (patio) overlooking the ocean

sunlight streaming down the greenery and rocks

a marvelous place called Dragon's Teeth that was formed by an old lava flow

the man himself in a stunningly sharp shark shirt (say that five times!)

sunset over Lana'i, the island opposite West Maui

moonrise on the opposite horizon, after it rose out of the clouds

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back in the States

The picture above is one of down town (the CBD) of Newark. Martha picked me up from the Newark airport last might around 12:00am or early Tuesday morning.

After a total of about 33 hours travel I arrived at the home of the Lipsy family in Pompton Plains New Jersey.

In the last few days before our mariage there are a few details to take care of. Please continue to remember us in prayer.

Love through Christ,


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tassie Send Off

Some good friends saw me off at the aiport in Launceston this morning. Pastor Iain Smith, his wife Mary, and Lorraine Ten Haaf picked me up from the Montifiore Manse at 4:45am and took to the airport. We had a nice but all to brief time of fellowship before I went through security to fly out for Melbourne (pronounced "Mel-bun" for some reason here in Oz).

This send off was truly rare. Iain called it, "once in a life time." Why? Because Mary Smith is known throughout the SPC as someone who truly appreciates a good nights rest. She is rarely seen at such early hour. Iain thought I should note such a rare moment by enshrining it on the Montifiore Manse Blog with a photo of his beloved, sleep appreciating, beauty.

This is the only picture I had of Mary on my laptop (I am taking advantage of the free internet connection in Melbourne airport). It was taken at Iain and Mary's vacation "shack" (cottage) in the later morning as breakfast was being grilled by Iain.
Flying Out

Dear friends & family,

I just a quick note to let you all know I am flying out in just a few minutes to go be with she whom I love 2nd best in this life.

The Lord be with you all.


p.s. I just realized the plane in the picture I chose for this post says "Austrian" and not "Australian" as I had thought. I guess that is what happens when you post at 4am with very little sleep. I ask all my Oz friends to please take no offense.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tasmanian Pre-Wedding Celebrations

The Cakes Shared at the Tuesday Night Puritan Bible Study Before the Bible Study on the Doctrine of God

The Last Single Night Party

My "Mates" Dressed me for the Party

1. A Wedding Veil

2. A Flower Lei for our Maui Honeymoon

3. A Genuine Ball & Chain Around my Ankle (I Truly Have Come to VanDiemen's Land!)

A Fine Amount and Variety of Tucker (Food) was Provided Generously by Ladies From the Church and the Wives of Some People From the Puritan Bible Study. It was Great!

Here is a Picture of Pastor Iain Smith (From the Hobart SPC Congregation) and I Having Coffee After Tucker.

The Big Party Game was "The America's Cup." It was a Game Test Which Minister Had the Most Hot Air. We Had to Race our Paper Boats Across a Pan of Water. Iain's Boat was "Hagus 1" and my Boat was "Yankee 2."

Here We are in Starting Position.

In the Midst of the Race One of the my Mates Slammed a Rolled Up News Paper in the Water and Shouted "Watch Out! STORM!"

Iain Caught Most of the Water From the Storm too.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Books! The Books!

Dear friends & family,

I am happy to report to you that my books finally arrived Tuesday June 26th. With some help from a friend I was able to get them all on the shelves. The commentaries, creeds & confessions, worship, reference (Philosophy, Theology, Old Testament & Hebrew, New Testament & Greek, General Biblical Reference, English), Homiletic & Hermeneutics, Systems of Theology (including Biblical Theology), Pastoral Theology & Ethics, Sets of Works of Various Theologians, Puritans, and Terry's fun section (Prolegomena, Philosophy {mostly related to historical/epistemological/metaphysical worldview type issues}, and Neo-Calvinism) are all basically in order. Leaving history, church history, individual doctrinal issues, and miscellaneous yet to sort out.

Below are a few pics of the office with the books in place. As you can see their is still a lot of clutter to file away. I already filled one filing cabinet with College and Seminary papers and various research items I have done over the years.
Many thanks to all who helped work on the office and sacrificed time and money to give me such a tremendous work space. May the Lord fill it with His presence and bless the work done it to the furthering of His Kingdom!