Monday, July 20, 2009

Girls Love to Cook & Eat

Julia is a confirmed girl. She likes almost everything Mommy and Daddy eat, except spicy things and carrots (oddly enough). Note the double protection.

She is learning to use a spoon and fork herself. Sometimes, though, it's still much more convenient to spoon feed her ourselves.

Yogurt is great to mix with various things, like this winning combo: yogurt and tuna. Another new favorite today was yogurt and sweet potato. She's been a little less enthusiastic lately about the old sweet potato standby, but with yogurt it just tastes so sweet and creamy. As you can see, the spoon isn't the only utensil she used; her hand was more versatile for finger painting the table, styling her hair, and generally "mucking around" as the Aussies say.

Apples steamed just to the point of tenderness are nice, since they hold their shape but are still more chewable.

Rowena, Ruth and I enjoyed another baking session on Saturday. This time, we made angel food cake, a delicacy unheard of in this part of the world. We also made a wonderful blueberry sauce to go with it. I found the recipe for it on my second cousin Rebecca's blog. Her blog was also the source for the recipe we used to make pizza from scratch! (Click for the base, sauce, and method.) It was a really fun afternoon.

Pizza sauce simmering

Meanwhile, Julia delves into the toy basket. She really gets around these days, as you'll see later on.

This picture was taken today. What a smile, eh?

Now for the videos: once more, my sincere apologies for taking them sideways again! In this first one, Julia sorts the bookshelf. She starts with an almost methodical perusal of her selections, but then abandons form for the fun of pulling them down.

Next, Julia checks out the more curious dimensions of toy box trivia, ending with a tussle with a playful Tassie devil.

Finally, the video you've been waiting for: a demonstration that Julia truly does walk! It really clicked for her this weekend. When she wanted to hang out in the kitchen baking with us girls, or make a beeline for the rail where all the kids hang out at church, walking was the preferred mode of transport. Beautiful, isn't it?

Sometimes I wish I walked with such a single purpose. Always toward the thing God puts in front of me... always to Him.

Since Julia has become a bit more cuddly and sometimes clingy, it has convicted me of the fact that the simple love of a child can be stronger than that of a wandering, absorbed, self-reliant adult. It is an example to me. Truly, in fellowship with Him is our joy. And I pray I'll encourage Julia to enjoy confiding in me too, by not putting her off simply for convenience when caught up in a book or some such enjoyance. There are so many things I can include her in, whether praying, enjoying music, or sharing small aspects of housework.

Isn't that what God has us do in His kingdom? When we are saved from the dominion of sin and Satan, we stumble around wanting to help. But in ourselves we are powerless to be efficient servants; our attempts are often laughable. Yet God is patient with us, blesses our efforts, and teaches us with His Word and Spirit. We are so much less important than we'd often think, like that toddler smearing crumbs around with a dish cloth, but God does desire His children to grow and commands us to contribute to His kingdom's work in our small ways.

Reflecting even briefly on this strikes home the truth: God cares amazingly much for His children and is so powerful and gracious to work through us! In light of His tender love, let us prayerfully renew our devotion to desiring His presence and serving Him in our childlike manner.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amazing what can come back to you....

Off and on throughout my life a song I heard as a child keeps coming back to me. I must have been between 5 to 7 years old when I would listen to this song. The song was off a child's christian music tape.

I remember there were some songs on the tape I did not like and there was even one song that even scared me. So I often skipped around on the tape to the songs I liked or thought was OK.

I believe the name of the song was "Input."

The basic flow of the song went...

Input, output,
that is what it's all about
Input, output,
Your mind is a computer who's,
Input, out put,
Data you must choose

Let the Bible be your primary source,
And it will operate alright!

It's a little corny but essential true. I remember listening to it as a child and thinking that I did not want it to be true. I wanted to put in my mind what I wanted to and I did not want to make the Bible "primary." I wanted to make primary what I wanted to make primary not the Bible. But even then I knew that was wrong and was convicted that the Bible needed to be my primary source of input and let the Word mold me (even though I do not think I would have expressed it that way then).

It truly is amazing to see how the Lord uses all things to exalt His Word in the lives of His people! We must remeber to embrace that Word and not fight against it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Here are a few "old" videos of Julia that I've been meaning to publish. Actually, this post was begun in March, if you can imagine.

These first are from when Julia was 6-7 months old and we were in North America. Jill Meerdink is the one holding Julia and I'm the one who thinks she's taking a picture until it twigs: "Oh, it's a video!"

Julia is so excited to meet Gary & Becky Neels' little girl... but gets rejected. Actually, they had a great time.

Julia still loves playing peekaboo, but now she's the one saying "boo!"

Grandma helps Julia enjoy some first tastes of solid food. Guess what month it is? *Hint: listen to the radio!

Julia was supremely entertained watching Terry's cousins play while her Great-aunt Annette reminisced about Terry's childhood.

Julia loved playing peekaboo with her gorgeous new hat we bought on Vancouver Island.

At 8 months, Julia is answering questions in an exclusive interview in the family tent at the beach.

Julia exhibited musical ingenuity at a young age (9 months here), plus lots of enthusiasm for dinner.

Julia persists in her love for water bottles and glasses - even if they're empty!

Julia at 10 months enjoys a windy walk with Daddy on Bruny Island.

At 11 months, she's moved on to bigger and better instruments.

It's amazing to look back at all the changes just a few months bring! Guess I'd better take some more videos now. She climbs around everywhere, even the open dishwasher if possible. And she says "p" or "lease" or even "plea" for food or water that she wants, with a very emphatic "no!" with accompanying head shaking and hand out to stop us when she's done.

The sweetest thing today was that several times today when I was getting her diaper back on after a potty trip, she took it into her head to clasp her hands and say "pay!" So we said a short prayer and she affirmed, "'Men!" before moving on. She often shouts out something like "Amen" at the end of Daddy's prayers or sermons. And she knows that when we "rea'" the "Bi"after meals she needs to be quiet and listen to Daddy (she puts her finger to her lips and says "ssss!"). She is a precious little girl and we pray she is brought to know and love Jesus from her childhood up.