Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vacation Part II

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful 2nd campsite. We had set out from our other campsite, looking for another one, since we had a rough night previously.

The previous night we got to bed some time after 1:30am. A group of young, and not so young, guys were "camping" behind us. Their version of camping was building a big fire, playing the best of the 70's-80's rock, hanging out in their cars with the boots (trunks) and doors open, making reasonably sized mounds of tinnies (beer cans). Just before 1:30am I went and asked the guys to turn it down as my wife and seven month old daughter (at the time) were attempting to sleep.

The two representatives of the group I spoke to were quite polite and quite drunk. They said "Oh! Sorry mate. We'll turn it down." I thanked them and started back to our tent.
As I walked back I heard various random phrases:
"Turn it down? Why?"
"He's got a baby in there."
"Ohhhh...sorry mate."
"Hey, where was that guy from? Canada?"
"Don't know?"
"Hey mate! You want a free ride back home!"
"Shut up, you don't want to do that mate. He was a big guy."
"Oh! Sorry mate. No hard feelins. Ah!"

We got up in the morning and began driving North to find our new campsite. We came across this beautiful spot at "Cozy Corner South" in the Bay of Fires. We had not packed up the car so I dropped off Martha and Julia to hold the spot while I drove back and packed up the camp. It took me a couple hours to drive back, tear down camp, pack it up again, and drive back to the new spot. We set up camp again before night fall. It was great to be in one of our dream camp spots!

The camp cooking set up worked well.

This is the view of our campsite from our fire pit. From our fire pit we had a great view of the ocean and the nights sky.

The view just outside one of the tent doors.

I (Terry) went swimming almost every morning. I really enjoyed and it was kind of a shower substitute as well. Marth, Julia, and me walked along the beach a bit checking things out. We also sat and read on the beach and swam. At times the wave were a good sized (5 ft) and you had to be a bit careful but it was fun.

We enjoyed our first camping trip in Tassie quite well.
Lord willing, their will be more to come.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our North American Trip: Part Two
Arkansas, U.S.A.

Sorry to be interspersing these old pictures with the newer January vacation pics, but it is striking to see the difference in Julia from the November-December trip Julia and Mommy took to North America to now, just a couple months later.

By the way, Julia popped her fifth tooth through today! And she and Daddy have been bravely battling a summer cold. Looks like the worst is over, though.

Julia laughing on Uncle Nathanael's lap. He's her youngest uncle and is eleven years older than she is.

Do you think she got enough attention?! :)

Sharing more smiles with Uncle Bud.

It's Grandma!!!

Julia generously shared her insights with Aunt Elisabeth....

...helped Aunt Esther with her bookwork....

...who looks happy for the help....

...then provided some assistance typing....

...after which Uncle Bud roped her into helping fold clothes! She kept busy, all right - and I was kept busy keeping track of her as she set the household to rights.

Although tired, she consented to a final picture with her thankful and adoring Auntie Beth. Whew!

I'm not sure what this expression is about.

Julia and Esther all ready for church. The BabyBjorn carrier was a big hit with the Aunts... another way to spend some time with their little niece.

Nathanael didn't fit the BabyBjorn, but he did get to wear the Sleepytime Wrap. Comfy, secure, and adjustable to any size... it's a great option which I found useful for sleeping on the plane rides. And, of course, Julia lost a sock. She's an expert at that.


Too precious. The time was so short, but sweet.

Yum, carrot! I'm not sure if this is big enough for me, though - any more on hand?

A tea party with the family.

Sister love... I miss Esther! (And Elisabeth, and Nathanael, and Dad, and Mom, and Daniel, and Peter, and Amanda, and Joanna, and Lydia....)

Julia meets another friend on the blanket!

We had a lovely time visiting a few folks from the church plant in Arkansas... here a lively game of Pictionary is in progress at the Peterson's house.

Julia survived a 2o-hour car ride from Arkansas to Kentucky to New Jersey. Never again.

In Kentucky, she got to meet my brother Peter's mother-in-law*....

...and his sister-in-law* Kim.

And here is Peter's wife* Amanda! It was lovely to meet them all

*The asterisks are to indicate that it should be noted that these relationships were all pending the wedding of Pete and Amanda which occurred after my visit on December 27, 2008.

Julia loves it when Mommy sings!

And here's the proof that I did indeed teach her to stick out her tongue. We did manage to have a bit of fun on the long car ride. Next up, New Jersey!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vacation Part I

The journey begins! We wanted to go camping on or near Tasmania's Freycinet Peninsula. However we were trying to go camping over school summer holidays. Tasmania abounds in camping spots, many of them free, and we set out to camp. We spent almost a whole day driving up and down the East coast of Tassie and we did finally find a spot. One of the first places was Moulting Lagoon.

As we tried to find Moulting Lagoon we came across this beautuiful spot! No camping here :(
After we left this goregeous place we new we were in for abit of a trip. Just down the dirt road to the above viewing area was a little cottage with several people doing a little work outside. I pulled over and asked some of the folk if they knew where the Moulting Lagoon camping area was. They all looked a bit puzzled. This puzzled me, according ot the map we were just a few miles from this area and usually the locals know all about such places. One of them thoguht they may know what I am talking about. He kindly hopped on his dirt bike and drove me down the road a bit and showed me a turn off. We were to keep following the road, with a couple turns, and we would find it easy.

The road was not exactly paved.

After driving a few kilometers over some rough road we came to this sign. I finally understood why the locals were confused when I asked about a camp ground. Moulting Lagoon was listed in our campsite guide as having camping but it was not a camp ground. No worries, we expected go a little bush anyway.

As we continued to drive into the game reserve we could see a gathering of campervans (mobile homes or trailors). We pulled over and went to talk to some of the folks. It was politely made clear to me we were not welcome as this was their family spot. Rather then possibly cause a rucus we kindly left and continued hunting for another spot.

After driving up and down the East coast for a while, checking several spots, we found one at Shelly Point. we were close to the road but it was a nice spot and were only 10 minutes walk from the beach.

We had a gas camp stove, but the bottle ran out one night, so we made our pasta dinner over the fire. We boiled the noodles in the billy (kettle) and heated the sauce over the fire.

The trees were beautiful as was the nights sky. We stayed at Shelly Point about a week before we needed to move on but more of that in part II.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Vacation: Trip to Wineglass Bay

These pics are from our walk to Wineglass Bay. Wineglass Bay is supposed to be one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world and is in almost every picture book or calender of Tasmania. The above pic was taken from the well kept and prepared path toward Wineglass Bay and the lookout that is about halfway to the bay.

As you take the trail up to Wineglass Bay from the parking lot you can look back the way you came and see Coles Bay.

More pics on the way to the lookout.

A little peak at Wineglass Bay as you approach the lookout.

A fews pics of the Klavers at the Wineglass Bay look out.

A view of the entrance to Wineglass Bay from just below the lookout.

A few pics down the steps to Wineglass Bay.

View of Wineglass Bay as you come off the trail.

Locals waiting to score what they can from visitors. Most people obeyed the signed that said not to feed them. You had to keep your eyes open because they would try to open backpacks to get at any food you may have.

The famous Wineglass Bay

Backup the trail to the lookout and then down to the car park.