Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Into New York!

We had half a day free while we in New Jersey. So the Klavers went into New York with Martha's oldest brother Dan the Man.

After getting off the train and Subway we got some Gyros from a street vendor.
Fresh! Hot! Great!

Julia avoiding a bit of the drizzle and scoping out the town.

For several years now I have wanted to take a carriage ride through Central Park.
It was raining but their were plenty of covered carriages. We had a great time.
Above, Dan and I.

My amazing wife Martha and our Julia

After the ride through Central Park we pulled out into the street.

Dan works at Goldman Sachs and he took us for lunch in the Sky Lobby and then we went up to the top floor. Here we are in the reception area on the top floor.

One of the many great views from the top of Goldman Sachs

Julia brought her paint brush into New York. She had been painting at Goldman and here she is putting some needed touches on the train during the ride back to New Jersey.

After we got back from New York we had some family time.
Dan just chill'n

Pete and Amanda

Curtis and Amanda's Mom and dad with Adriel

Here we are the next day, on the way back home to Tassie!