Monday, June 29, 2009

Hurrah! First steps have been taken. As when Julia began crawling, she began walking at church. On Sunday we had a fellowship lunch, where Julia got to try new foods and play with her various friends. (She especially loves Peekaboo with Bradley, Thomas and Rohan Coles.) After lunch, Julia was walking with one hand on her cup and the other on Daddy's finger and she decided to let go. She made four steps before grabbing onto the bench.

Julia has been making other fun discoveries about herself lately, so I decided to try to get them on film. For the first one, excuse the setting; she's more likely to stay in one place and play games when she's seated securely. The second one was cut off when the battery died. Oops.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

The above picture was from Julia's birthday, May 5th. She loved the prezzies she got at Bible study, where we had a little party, including chocolate cake! Here she's unpacking the bag at home. It's hard to imagine she's a whole year old. It went so quickly, but so much has changed. And there's so much more to look forward to, the Lord willing!

We haven't taken many pictures over the last few months, sadly, but most have been of her.

Julia is a hair stylist who believes in the use of natural oils to rejuvenate hair... her own hair.

Check out that do! She's reaching for the Pop Tart Daddy and Mommy found in the U.S. imported food store in Hobart (Sweet Connections, I think it's called). Most of their stuff was ridiculously expensive, but tempting none-the-less. A box of Golden Grahams for $20? How much can you pay for sugar?! (...but it's such tasty sugary cereal...)

Julia tries out the shade pull thingie. Not so tasty.

Julia likes beets! She IS a true Aussie....

I work with Ruth on her schoolwork on Tuesday mornings. We also enjoy Ovaltine and some good chats... but as you can see, not pictures. Julia decided to study with us, but can't understand Ruth's aversion to the camera. Just smile and Mom will stop - that's what I do!

Julia's pride and joy, the second-hand chalkboard we picked up a few months back when it seemed like an investment for years in the future. Wrong! For the last month or two, it's been one of Julia's favorite amusements while I'm busy in the kitchen. She can play with the magnets, and even discovered the use of chalk! There's a video on that at the end of the post.

Last week, we were in Hobart for a funeral, a presbytery meeting, and the opening of SPC Hobart's new place of worship. They're renting the Moonah Chapel (in the suburb of Moonah, thus the name). Julia liked the roses at Iain and Mary's house, and even was persuaded by Mary to smell them repeatedly... even though they're not real! :) I tried for a good picture, but none of them turned out very well.

Hey! Julia here - let me show you what I like to do in an evening. First, unpack the plastic bags Mom keeps in this old pitcher.

Next, try to escape when Mom opens the sliding door. Didn't work, but I'm not too sad about it.

Then, help Mom unload the dishwasher. Sometimes I even climb up on there, stand up and hold onto the rack.

Now it's time to inspect the measuring cups. They're up to snuff tonight.

Off to the bathroom! I like unpacking the bottom drawer. Mommy doesn't mind if I reorganize a little and I love to help!

My favorite is the toothbrush! Mom turned on the heat lamp cuz sometimes it's chilly in here.

The stacking boats are great!

In my room I get to use the comb and mirror. Sometimes I even get to comb Mommy's hair! Someday my hair might grow long like hers; it's such fun to stick in my mouth, but a pain when my fingers get caught in it!

I've got lots of books in my room and love to READ! I often say "read" when I look through my books because I like Mom and Dad to know what fun it is to read just like them!

I often help Mom reorganize the bookshelf too.

Curious George is a perennial favorite, especially since I have a stuffed Curious George toy from Grandma Knaut. I give him hugs and kisses sometimes.

Mom sometimes puts hair clips in my hair so it won't go in my eyes, but I like pulling them out. I chew on them, especially since my molars are coming in. Sometimes I try putting the clip back in, though.

Reading some more.

This is what I look like when something's in my mouth. Mommy always knows and says, "Take it out," so I do.

I had a fun evening, don't you think?

Upward and onward - time for bed!

Sorry the video gives you a crick in the neck to watch. I'll try to remember to take it the right way next time. Until then!