Friday, May 28, 2010

After Michigan, we went to New Jersey. Martha's side of the family is now split up between New Jersey, Arkansas, and Kentucky but they were all in New Jersey together for her sister Joanna's wedding.

We did not get any pics of the wedding, as we were both in the wedding, but we did get some nice pics of family. Above are Martha's youngest sisters Esther (on the left) and Elisabeth (on the right).

Here is the lovely, and now married, couple Curtis and Joanna. (Joanna is Martha's older sister.) The little baby (Adrielle) is the child of Joanna and Martha's older brother Pete and his wife Amanda. She is currently Julia's only first cousin. Interestingly, Amanda is Curtis' older sister. Curtis actually met Joanna as Pete and Amanda's relationship developed.

Dad Lipsy is hard at work on either wedding details or bulletin preparations for the church in Arkansas.

Laptop wedding planning session.
From left to right: Martha's youngest brother Nathanael (aka Buddy), Elisabeth, Joanna, Curtis, and my dear wife Martha in pink.

Our only wedding pic, taken as we left the reception.
In the car are Martha's Grandmother (on her father's side), who Julia is named after, with Martha and Julia. And no, we did not ride home this way - we did have a carseat!

Sunday afternoon with some of the family.
Left to right: Curtis' sister Kim, Curtis, Amanda, and Pete.

Martha's younger sister Lydia playing on her bed with Julia.

The original cute couple, Mom and Dad Lipsy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Here they finally are: VACATION PICS

Sorry about the delay in actually posting some pictures from our vacation. We had a little internet problem, but it should be right now. Below are some pictures from our time in Michigan.

We left for the Great Lakes State March 29 and arrived (a lot) later that day. I was in Michigan until April 15 and Martha and Julia were there until the 19th. We were quite busy with visits, appointments, get togethers, and a trip or two. Despite the busyness, we could not get together with everyone we wanted to. We were not able to get in touch with some family members and several friends had no idea we were even in the US.

Below are some pics from our time in Grand Rapids.

Grandpa Knaut and Julia having some reading time together. Julia did not appreciate having the story interrupted for pictures.

One of the first things we did, besides sleeping, was taking a trip to Meijers. My mom, in the upper left corner, kindly took us.

Meijers is a large store with just about everything.
I took a shot of the check outs to give a sense of the size.

Julia liked to hold some of the things we picked up.

Something I have missed in Australia was cheese in a can.
"Easy Cheese" is brought to you by the owners of "Vegemite" and "Cadbury."

We spent a couple days visiting with my Dad, Grandpa Klaver.

A little snack at Burger King (otherwise known as Hungry Jack's in Oz). Julia picked out those pink sunglasses in Meijers. :D

We took a trip to the zoo.

The Bald Eagle came out just before we left.

Martha and Julia with the statue of John Ball. The zoo is named after him.

Julia with Linda Lanning during a visit to their home.

Tedson Klaver, my Dad.

We took a trip with my sister, Aunty Tristan, to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. The picture above is of the little hotel where we stayed overnight.

A view from one of the smaller dunes. This picture looks back at a smaller lake. Forward, through miles of sand dune, is the coast of Lake Michigan.

Aunty Tristan with Martha and Julia on the dunes.

Here we go!


We left the dunes and went to a small inlet into Lake Michigan to look for Petoskey stones.
We had to make sure Julia did not wade out too far. She was meant to splash along the edges with her gumboots, but once she stepped out too deep and filled them with water, we decided to let her enjoy her time in the water for a few minutes before getting on dry things. She loved picking up stones in the water and then throwing them back.

View of a small bay on the Lake with some dunes in the distance.

my sister Tristan Klaver

We had a nice visit with Pastor Foppe and Elina VanderZwaag.
Julia enjoyed playing with their dog Sheba.

Julia had a nap at the Vander Zwaag's.
Here is a cute picture from when she woke up in Leah VanderZwaag's bed.

We were also blessed to catch up with our friends Drs. Arthur and Sonja Miskin. They have three children: Gordon, Scarlett, and Morgan.
Sonja, above, works with her husband and family in South Africa. She responsible for a quite a bit of medical missionary work. She oversees work with those ready to die, orphans, as well as those with general medical concerns.

Dr. Arthur Miskin is a medical doctor, but most of his time is spent teaching at Mukhanyo Theological College, church planting, and doing pastoral work. He and I were in seminary together and we became good friends. I spent many hours with their family.
We miss all the Miskins very much.

We were also blessed to be able to attend the wedding of our friend Dr. Brian DeVries as well. He and his new wife Lanae (both native Michiganders) will be going back to South Africa and continuing to work at Mukhanyo Theological College and in the local churches. Lanae once went to primary school with Martha when her family lived in Michigan.

We also went to one of my favorite spots on Lake Michigan.
Julia enjoyed playing on the playground.

Lake Michigan.

Here is my friend Jay Collier. Jay is a great guy and a good friend. He is supplementing his two Masters Degrees with A PhD in Post Reformation studies from Calvin Seminary. He also works in publishing for Reformation Heritage Books. If there is indeed an actual "Reformed" Baptist, it is Jay.

Here is a picture of his wife, Sarah, and their daughter.

Their son, Jayden, and Julia had a great time playing and marching through the house.

The witty, intelligent, handsome, and humble James Lanning.

My friend and former housemate, Brian Anderson, otherwise known as the infamous "B."

Martha and the marvelous Evangeline Lanning.

The legendary Rev. Ray Lanning: mentor, friend, and the best expository preacher in Grand Rapids.

My friend Todd Munson and his fiancee.

The closest thing to fish & chips in Grand Rapids is Long John Silvers.
They have the best deep fried chicken I have had yet anywhere.

Grandpa Andy Knaut and Aunty Tristan were digging in too.

Julia heading down the slide.

Hanging out with Aunty Tristan.

Martha and Lenelle Moerdyk at Frederick Meijer Gardens.

Here endeth the pics of the Michigan part of our vacation.

Stay tuned for more pictures of more of our vacation.