Saturday, July 31, 2010

Since We Got Back

Here are some pics from various things.

More general picture-less information will be available below.

All 3 pictures above are from Julia's 2nd Birthday party. Several friends came to join us at a park. A good time was had by all.

While in the study Julia found the flexible bars to her old Baby Gym. She decided she wanted to spar and joust with daddy. As she did so she quoted lines from "Fox in Sox" by Dr. Seuss regarding Bim's and Ben's bands that go bang and boom. The connection seems to be that Bim and Ben lead their bands with broken broom sticks, which seem to resemble Baby Gym bars.

Daddy and Julia playing in bed while the sheets and pillow cases are being washed.

On the way to the park.

Fun with pot holders!

The greatest wife a man could have: Martha Klaver

Now for the picture-less information.

One of the first things was Julia's birthday. Our amazing little girl turned two. She continues to be an amazing blessing to us.

Martha returned to teaching a writing workshop at a local Christian School. Her preparations for the workshop took several hours out of our already busy Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. In order for Martha to have time for preparation, I had one on one time with Julia. It has been a very special opportunity for me to spend exclusive time with my little girl. This age only comes around once and she will not be the only child for very long.

Martha finished her teaching this past Wednesday. She has enjoyed the teaching but the preparation has been difficult. Having finished the work shop she is looking forward to being home more and having more time with Julia and the baby when he/she arrives August 13, Lord willing.

Martha's tummy has continued to get bigger and bigger as baby grows. Her health has been very good. She has been tired and gotten the occasional cold but these things can expected considering the pregnancy, the work she has been doing, and that it is winter over here in Oz. Our mid wife has been pleased with how the baby is developing and we hope to have the birth in the Launceston Brith Centre again.

In addition to spending extra time with my daughter, I have taken up a new hobby and form of exercise: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ. I came across BJJ here in Tasmania when I found out some of our friends from another local church were taking it. They invited me along and I decided to go along with them for some of the free classes.

Upon attending the first few classes I was very encouraged by the fact that the way they practice it there are no connections to Eastern religions. They do not even bow. The atmosphere is positive and friendly and no one is out to thump people or pump their ego. I also have found it good exercise and a good change and challenge. I hope to give it a try for a year and see how things go.

In our Sabbath worship services we are going through Philippians in the morning and Hebrews in the afternoon. The twice a month outreach services in George Town continue to go well. We still have small core group of interested people who come along but not as many visitors of late. One of the great difficulties in reaching out is a lack of man/woman power. Please continue to remember our Launceston congregation and the outreach in George Town in your prayers.