Wednesday, December 05, 2012

As Sand Through the Our Glass...

Well, time has flown and we here in Tasmania along with it.

I have a lot to fill you all in on but I do not have the time and energy right now to break it down.

Here is a bit of the latest:

Martha and the kids are doing well.  Ezra is 5 months old and he is the most easygoing of our children so far (which has been a real blessing).  Julia and Job can play very beautifully together and fight like cats and dogs too.  All are in good health.

I hope to visit the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Chilliwack, British Columbia from December 12-26.  I look forward to bringing the Word to the dear folk there and do some visiting as well.

Our church website has been revamped and simplified and you will find a link to where my sermons are being uploaded.  Lord willing, we can convince Pastor Iain Smith to put his up too!

Please be content with this short update for now.  I hope to give a longer update once I return from British Columbia.

The Lord be with you all and thank you for your continued interest, thoughts, and prayers.