Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Sermons, Website, and More Pics 

Some people have been asking me to make my sermons available on  There are a few sermons of mine already up that I preached in some congregations of the Heritage Reformed Churches, but what I am preaching here in Tasmania will now be going up on sermonaudio.  

We have been having trouble getting local tech support for our church website ( but thankfully the Lord has provided someone.  Our webiste will be getting a new look and a simpler format that I, Lord willing, will be able to update and change as necessary.  

Please pray that the Lord will bless sermons going up, that the changes to our website will be helpful, and that I can convince my fellow SPC pastor in Hobart (Iain Smith) to make his sermons available at sermonaudio as well.  

And here are a few more pics: 

Gotta love the look on Ezra's face 

All the kids together: Julia, Job, and Ezra  

Princess Julia and her friend Cowgirl Scarlett 

Ezra noticing a shadow 

Job playing tiger.  Hard to believe he is going to be 2 on August 15.  

My "Double J Team" (as I call them from time to time) "reading" together.  
Amazingly cute and happening more and more these days.