Monday, January 17, 2011

Around Christmas Time
(that's summer here)

Julia enjoying the clamshell kiddie pool. Sadly, the kiddie pool has gone the way of all cheap plastic in high-UV sunlight. However, some friends who were in the midst of moving (Tas and Emily Stacey) gave us their old kiddie pool, which is made of much sterner stuff.

We usually spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Iain and Mary Smith but Mary was away in Scotland and it did not work out this year. We stayed in Launceston and had the Patricks over for Christmas Day instead.

Above and below are a couple of pictures of the hot Monopoly action on Christmas Day. Nathan and his John slaughtered me, but I went down like a man.

We were playing a special version of Monopoly: The Grand Rapids Edition! The only thing it was really missing was a square for each Christian publisher in Grand Rapids.

John is really into his Monopoly. Watch out, Donald Trump!

Our budding artist! Julia absolutely loves to paint, though her mom doesn't actually bring the paint out very often.


More Job!!

After Christmas, we went to Kmart to check out the sales. Martha (yes, it was Martha) saw these Tonka trucks on special and thought we had to have them. The trucks were a good deal, and Job has been making lots of truck noises lately, so we got them. (He blows raspberries.) You can see how thrilled he is about his new toys.

A day or two after we got the trucks, Martha drew a small series of roads and roundabouts (traffic circles used to direct traffic instead of traffic lights or "robots"- as some call them) on our barbie (patio). Great fun.

My mother and stepfather sent us a Christmas package (more pics below). My mom made a beautiful quilt for Job. He is laying on the quilt in the pictures above and below.

I'm not sure what my wife is planning with that sticker on our son's head, but I am sure the friends and family in North America will make Job feel right at home. (Actually, it was Julia who stuck it on her brother. She loves stickers and often puts them on her or our hands, arms, legs, or foreheads.)

Job and Julia having breakfast. (No, he's not actually eating table food yet.)

"Hey, Mom! Where's mine?!"

Julia joyously opening the Christmas package (they often call them parcels here).

Job loves the taste of Michigan!

The second greatest thing in the world: stickers! (Lollipops come first.)

Job getting a little help with one of his presents.

Some friends from the Hobart congregation, Ian and Jen Ashby and their four children, visited us on a Saturday afternoon before they moved over to the main land. The Patrick family came over as well and we had a nice time of fellowship.

Hannah Ashby zooming across the barbie.

Julia's scooter is probably the most popular outdoor toy with other kids who come over to visit.
Above, John Patrick is enjoying the scooter.

Evelyn Patrick, Julia, and Andrew Ashby make good use of the chalk!

Jaslyn Patrick is always happy and full of smiles!

Always!! :P

Julia enjoying a banana in the Chewbacca t-shirt her Aunt Tristan gave her.

By the way, in case you did not know, stuffed Chewbacca toys are the evidence that Santa is not real. (This was one of my deductions when I was about 6 years old and "Santa" did not know what a stuffed Chewbacca was. We now have a stuffed Chewbacca... and no Santa visits.)

Andrew Ashby on the scooter!

Job and Daddy chillin'

Julia has not yet mastered the difference between sunscreen and toothpaste. She loves to use them both. This is toothpaste.

Job taking it all in. Someday he may sail over the seas and visit our good friends in BC who gave him this outfit. (Thanks, Jill!)

We had a great time New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, but I forgot the camera. New Year's Eve we continued our tradition of getting together with the Kingston family. This year, we went to their place and had a BBQ, played games, and brought in the New Year with Scripture and prayer. The Kerrison family, members of our church living on the mainland, were staying with the Kingstons as well. It was a great opportunity to catch up with them, too.

New Year's Day we had a church BBQ at the Trevallyn Dam. We had a beautiful day and enjoyed great food, fellowship, and backyard cricket (the sport).