Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mom and Dad Lipsy Have Arrived!!

They arrived on time (only a hour and half late) and through a set of challenging international flight scheduling issues.

Sorry to not have more to post right now but more is on the way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heading Out for Ulverstone!

Monday October 5th to October 9th we went to the city of Ulverstone for the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) Convention. A.C.E. is a christian home school curriculum that many chrisitans in Tasmania use. There are also schools that follow the A.C.E. curriculum and augment the curriculum with arts & crafts and music.

While in Ulverstone we stayed with our friends David and Mandy Kerridge. David is stated pulpit supply at the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia (PCEA) in Ulverstone. The PCEA in Ulverstone is very similar to the SPC and our folk are close and enjoy fellowship together.

Before we left Monday morning we chatted with family over Skype and the phone. In the above picture I am having a theological chat with my brother-in-law Pete. I enjoy talking to my dear brother but we both keep busy and connecting can be tough.

On the way down to Ulverstone our insightful little Julia took one of her favorite books apart. It has a wheel you could spine to make different pictures appear on different pages. She decided to look at them all at once!

After we arrived at David and Mandy's in due course. Julia had a fun time playing with their son William's musical piano thing toy.

Here are our friends and gracious hosts David and Mandy (and the most recent Kerridge yet to make an out of the womb appearance).

We had a marvelous breakfast the next morning: mini-cinnamon rolls!!

Julia hung out in the auditorium while I was judging the Platform events. Julia loves her books and is wearing her knew baby harness. We asked her if she wanted the frog, monkey, or the bear. She joyfully responded, "Monk- eee"!




Julia loved the play ground equipment outside, especially the slide!

Fun with the bubbles outside in the yard at Camp Clayton (where the ACE Convention was held).

More fun on the equipment.

The initial serving of lunch to the first group of students at the convention.

Some of the paintings, pen & ink, and sketches.

Some of the arts & crafts.

A bit more of the art & craft.

There were a lot more things to get pictures of, like the wood and metal work, but did not get any.

Here is a picture of a young friend of ours, Ruth Taylor. This is picture was taken from a great distance and was snapped in between hiding her face and running away.

Julia's dinner.

David Kerridge and his son William.

David's amazing wife Mandy.

Playing with William's toys!

We took a drive to see the Tulip fields on Table Cape but we were to cheap to pay to get a closer look. The Tulip Festival is a popular attraction this time of year with fields and fields of Tulips.

Quick stop for lunch after the visit to Table Cape.

There was a little play area where we stopped.

Another slide!


Dive again!

Awards night at the ACE convention.

Many children from the SPC placed well in various areas of competition but it was touhg to get good pictures. Here is one of the Seabrook Christian School of Launceston's award winning choir.